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. WoW: DpS at Shrillwing2. WoW: DpS at hunter Altimor3. WoW: DpS at the Starving Destroyer4. WoW: DpS at Saving the Sun King5. WoW: DpS at Constructor Xy'mox6. WoW: DpS at Lady Inerva Dunkelader7. WoW: DpS at the Council of Blood8. WoW: DpS at Silt Fist9. WoW: DpS at the generals of the stone legion10. WoW: DpS at Count Denathrius11. WoW: DpS overall conclusion

The new WoW raid Castle Nathria has been open for several weeks now and thousands of groups are fighting their way through the raid every day and knocking down the ten bosses. The class adjustments, new Legendarys, pacts and the elimination of old systems have shaken up the class balance quite a bit and led to a rather weak balancing at first glance. Now, a few weeks and a few balancing hotfixes later, we want to take another look at the balancing and DpS rankings to see if the developers' measures have been successful and which classes are currently making the damage meters explode.

WoW: DpS at Nathria Castle - Initial situation

To really find out what the classes are currently doing, we're limiting ourselves to the top ten percent of all heroic logs for each class. This way, we make sure that the numbers aren't skewed by weaker players or incorrect logs (where the player was dead on the ground half the time, for example). Since these numbers were usually achieved with very good equipment and the appropriate Legendarys and the best pacts, however, the pure values are not very meaningful. So if you can't get close to the given numbers, you don't need to worry. For the relationship of the classes among each other, however, they are quite useful.

WoW: DpS at Schrillschwinge

WoW: DpS in Nathria Castle - Shrillwing Source: buffed With Schrillschwinge a first boss is waiting for your heroes, which does not require a lot of movement, damage or healing from your group. Instead, it's more about not covering the area with puddles of blood, surviving the intermediate phase, and hiding behind the pillars in time. The fact that not much damage is needed doesn't mean that the DpS classes should rest because of it. Because the more damage you bring, the faster the fight is over. Potentially the highest DpS are delivered by Shadow Priests, Affliction Wizards, and Balance Druids. Their DoT effects keep ticking even when everyone is already hiding behind the pillar or fleeing from the flying discs. - Raidguide to Shrillwing.

WoW: DpS at hunter Altimor

WoW: DpS in Nathria Castle - Hunter Altimor Source: buffed The second boss that awaits you is Altimor, who goes into battle together with a dog. Since the latter is not always next to the boss, multi-DoT classes have advantages here. Affliction Witch Masters are particularly strong in this discipline, and they lead the ranking by a large margin. In third place, the Weapon Warrior is a melee class that many players didn't have on their radar. By the way, the bonus damage on the schemes is not included in the logs, which is why the numbers are lower than internal measurements by Recount or the like. In general, the balancing is catastrophic. The leading sorcerers deal about 40 percent more damage than arcane mages or beast lord hunters. - Raidguide to Hunter Altimor.

WoW: DpS at the Starving Destroyer

WoW: DpS in Nathria Castle - Starving Destroyer Source: buffed The fight against the Starving Destroyer is pretty close to a patchwork fight. Most of the time you can stand still and do damage to the boss. Only now and then do you have to spread out, dodge projectiles or move away from the boss. The latter ensures that melee fighters slide down in the ranking. But even within the roles, the balancing is not very good, as the distances between the classes are far too large. And in the course of the coming weeks and months, nothing will change without outside intervention. This is because the scaling of equipment differs little between classes, and the important Legendarys are already available to all.-Hungry Destroyer raid guide.

WoW: DpS at the rescue of the Sun King

WoW: DpS in Nathria Castle - Rescue of the Sun King Source: buffed Saving the Sun King requires area damage for the first time. The adds are often spread out in space, which actually gives the multi-DoT classes an advantage. On the other hand, they die quickly, which makes the burst damage of the melee fighters strong. Good in both disciplines is the owl with its starburst. For this reason, it leads the ranking by a gigantic margin, before the Retributors and Wind Runners join in, which have massive burst damage. Again, the balancing is rather poor. However, this is certainly easier to get over in such an extraordinary fight, where control is far more important than pure DpS. - Raidguide for Saving the Sun King.

WoW: DpS at constructor Xy'mox

WoW: DpS in Nathria Castle - Constructor Xy'mox Source: buffed With the constructor Xy'mox, there is once again only one target. However, the fight requires a little more movement from the players. Especially in the last phase, the heroes have to move away from the boss again and again. But even before that, you have to dodge ghosts or drop portals. Interestingly, the balancing seems to be a bit better here than in the Starving Destroyer, where less movement is required. Unholy Death Knights can come out on top, pushing the holy trinity of Shadow Priest, Balance Druid, and Affliction Warlock into second through fourth place. Frost Mages, on the other hand, are slowly but surely making friends with the red lantern, as they are once again in last place. - Raid Guide to Constructor Xy'mox.

WoW: DpS at Lady Inerva Dunkelader

WoW: DpS in Nathria Castle - Lady Inerva Dunkelader Source: buffed On heroic, Lady Dunkelader is always joined by two adds to the actual boss. So there are alternating cleave and single-target phases. And of course you have to get away from the boss every now and then, if you have the misfortune to have to play one of the mechanics. But since the adds live for quite a long time, the burst damage doesn't matter as much. This, in turn, flushes the Lawlessness Rogue to the top of the rankings - closely followed by the Unholy Death Knight and the Owl. Once again, the balancing seems to be halfway acceptable. The gap between top and bottom is still too wide, but there are no glaring outliers. - Raidguide to Lady Inerva Dunkelader.

WoW: DpS at the Council of Blood

WoW: DpS in Nathria Castle - Council of Blood Source: buffed Three bosses and a lot of short-lived add-ons. Everyone can probably guess who is at the top. Of course, the owls dominate here at will, relegating the fire mages to second place by a wide margin. It's important to mention that the damage to the other two bosses (which heal up again) is excluded from the logs, as it's completely unnecessary. Therefore, good cleave classes look much worse in the ranking than perhaps in the internal recount. It should also be noted that the rankings change significantly depending on the order of the bosses. Because, of course, the high numbers only come about when a lot of adds show up, which only happens when Niklaus isn't killed first. - Raid guides to the Council of Blood.

WoW: DpS at Silt Fist

WoW: DpS in Nathria Castle - Silt Fist Source: buffed The eighth boss is Schlickfaust - the DpS check of Castle Nathria. The mechanics are clear, but the damage and healing requirements are very high. Affliction Witch Masters leave all other playstyles far behind here - and not just by a small margin. In general, ranged fighters have an easier time here, since melee fighters have to move away from the boss in the meantime and then don't deal any damage. And classes that can take advantage of the once-per-minute increase in boss damage are also doing well. However, the fact that the top of a patchwork fight deals almost 50 percent more damage than the last-place Furor Warrior is evidence of extremely poor balancing. - Raidguide to Silt Fist.

WoW: DpS at the generals of the stone legion

WoW: DpS in Nathria Castle - Generals of the Stone Legion Source: buffed In the penultimate battle of Castle Nathria, you'll have two targets in front of you most of the time, more or less well juxtaposed - actually perfect for all cleave classes. However, since melee fighters often have to let off the boss to play different mechanics, the multi-DoT classes dominate once again. Affliction Warlock and Balance Druid fight fiercely for the place in the sun, while Ferocity Druid secures the title "Best of the Rest". With the exception of the first two places, the balancing looks relatively good here. However, Blizzard has failed for many years to even halfway limit multi-DoT classes in such battles, which means the balancing often gets out of hand, as it did in this case. - Raid guide to the generals of the Stone Legion.

WoW: DpS at count Denathrius

WoW: DpS in Nathria Castle - Count Denathrius Source: buffed In the final battle of the raid, the phases and thus the demands on the damage dealers alternate several times. At the beginning you have to deal with a single target, in the meantime with dozens of Adds on one spot and later with scattered enemies. Despite hard nerfs a few weeks ago, the Unholy Death Knight handles this mix best and comes out on top. Apart from the Frost Mage, we have some of the best balancing in Nathria. About 25 percent separate the top from the second to last place. This is quite surprising in view of the multi-layered combat. Nevertheless, the usual suspects are at the top for the most part. So Blizzard is still allowed to release a few more nerfs and buffs. - Guide to Count Denathrius.

WoW: DpS overall conclusion

If you look at the summation from all the fights, the balance druid seems to be the currently strongest DpS class. However, this should be taken with a grain of salt. Because this circumstance results mainly from the fact that the owl is enormously strong in the various multi-target fights. However, this doesn't mean that it is bad on single targets. There, too, it plays at the top, but it's not as dominant as it is on multiple opponents. Frost Mages could not recover from BfA. Already found far down in Ny'alotha, they once again bring up the rear. It also looks bad for the Demon Hunter, who, unlike the classes behind him, has no other spec.

Here you can find all boss rankings including the numbers in the picture gallery:

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WoW: DpS in Castle Nathria - Total (1) [Source: buffed

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