• March 25, 2023

Special mounts as seasonal rewards have been a tradition in World of Warcraft PvP for quite some time, but since Battle for Azeroth, fans of mythical keystone dungeons have also been able to enjoy exclusive reward mounts. The current expansion Shadowlands is no exception, and the second season, which begins with the release of patch 9.1, will once again offer special mounts.

PvP players will get a colorful variant of the gladiator mount from the first season, namely a Soul Eater. This time it's a lighter silver-blue than the Soul Eater from the first season and has eyes that glow blue instead of red (did someone say Arthas/Anduin?).

On the other hand, if you prefer to pass the time in Shadowlands' endgame with mythic keystone dungeons, you can work towards a color variant of the Deathwalker from Season 1. His look is much icier this time around, focusing on a mix of different shades of blue:

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The requirements for the Soul Eater and Deathwalker mounts remain the same: PvP players must reach the rank of Elite in Season 2 and then win 50 matches in rated 3v3 Arena combat to unlock the Soul Eater with the Gladiator: Season 2 of Shadowlands achievement. To claim the Deathwalker as your own, you must complete the Shadowlands: Season 2 Keystone Master achievement and complete all eight dungeons at keystone level 15+.

If you don't manage to unlock the Gladiator's PvP achievement for Season 2, however, you can still purchase the vicious PvP mounts if you play rated PvP. Season 2 rewards you with Gorms from the Arden Forest:

Now it's up to you: how do you like the new mounts? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Icy-Veins

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