• March 30, 2023

Paladin player Rextroy seems to be bored with normal WoW, so he organizes mass brawls between 40 paladins and 40 shamans, for example, or defeats bosses from the current expansion single-handedly. By cleverly exploiting the game's mechanics, he uncovers flaws that no one had noticed before.

This time, he went into the current raid Ny'alotha to defeat Skitra on normal difficulty. Once again, he had to prove that he had the stomach for it. It didn't take him 16 hours like MOTHER in Uldir, but he still needed about an hour for the final kill attempt. You can see what that looks like in his video.

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As seen in the video, Rextroy pulls Skitra back to the entrance at the beginning of the fight, where he uses the wall to avoid Skitra's spell by breaking the line of sight. This is not actually intended by the developers. Because although you can trick normal mobs in WoW (buy now €14.99 ) like this, it's not actually the case with bosses. However, Rextroy noticed that if he doesn't attack the boss while casting the spell, the line-of-sight breaking trick works.

In the intermediate phase, he has to deal with Skitra's mirror images. Since he is alone, he does not know which of the mirror images is the original. So he has to beat them all down one by one or hope for his luck. The illusions regularly fire Illusionary Lightning and at the same time the Dark Ritual debuff stacks, increasing the damage taken by four percent. However, the stacking cap is 40.As a Paladin, he has enough healing to counter it.

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