• March 30, 2023

When talking about immortal paladins, most players immediately think of the God Shield. With it, any paladin can shield themselves from any damage for a few seconds, making them immortal in a sense. However, when a dozen Hordeers are pounding away at you for several minutes, even the best God Shield won't help. Nevertheless, Rextroy deliberately created this very situation, only to watch as orcs, trolls, and the like cut their teeth on him afterwards.

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In doing so, Rextroy once again took advantage of some mechanics in WoW that obviously don't quite work as they should. He has done this in the past, for example, when he smuggled himself a l the immortal sorcerer to the edge of the world.

  • In the current case, Rextroy has taken advantage of the Paladin talent Saved by the Light . This should actually give the target of your Flame of Faith a shield as soon as they drop below 30 percent health. However, this only works if it is technically possible from the game. Because there are some circumstances in WoW that prevent your character from interacting with another player's in any way - when they're in a duel, for example. So that you don't get any unfair advantages there, all heals and such from other sources are blocked.
  • So the shield from Saved by the Light can't be cast on the player in the duel. However, if the shield drops below 30%, something happens that is certainly not planned - the shield is cast on the Holy Paladin who distributed the flame instead of the bearer of the flame.
  • That alone would be pretty unspectacular. There's another flaw in the system, though. The shield, which should only occur every 30 seconds, is recast whenever the bearer of the flame is below 30% health and takes damage. This is because the debuff that was supposed to prevent this from happening only checks to see if the flame bearer had received the shield. Since he didn't, there is no internal cooldown and the next shield flies right after it.

So the bottom line is that Rextroy puts his Flame of Faith on a friendly teammate, the teammate goes into a duel where he is permanently held below 30% health by a class that hits as fast as possible. The result is that Rextroy gets a massive shield several times a second that is almost impossible to break through.
It wasn't until the thrashing hordeers were able to muster up enough DpS to break through the shield and get his health to zero before the next shield was there a fraction of a second later that Rextroy had to pull the plug... even though he would have had God's Shield and Reststone both still free.

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