• March 25, 2023

Nowadays, when random groups disband after the third wipe and mythic-plus groups fall apart because the first WoW hero thinks after ten minutes that the time limit will be missed, it often causes a bad mood and comments along the lines that wipes and failures are just part of the game. But at what point is wiping no longer wiping, but rather hopeless "running with the head against the wall"?

At 27 hours, I think we can all agree, you are long past the status of "playing in and trying out". And yet, the group around Koranic streamer and WoW player Moogrr1211 didn't want to give up - after all, they worked hard to get this keystone. Whether and how much sense it made, however, you may decide for yourselves.

27 hours, 1,503 wipes, level 27

That's how long the group held out in the Eye of Azshara, which is currently still playable as part of the Legion Time Migration. But then they finally struck sail and called it a day. But see for yourself:

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By the way, the interesting question for many was what happens after 24 hours have passed - because that's all the actual timer can display. The boring answer: the timer that shows the time needed simply starts again at 0. However, the mark "as too slow" remains, in case the first now already thought of tricking the system.

By the way, at 31:59:25 is the 24-hour change, and at about 35:05:30 the players strike the sails. By the way, in Oribos they were expected by some fans of the streamer, who paid their respect to the group.

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