• March 30, 2023

Update from October 10, 2020:
As WoWHead recently reported, the Dimishing Returns for secondary stats in WoW Shadowlands have now been adjusted again. This looks like the following:

  • The lower range, in that no effectiveness loss exists, has been raised from 25 to 30 percent.
  • A new penalty range has been introduced - if you have more than 66 percent of a stat, each additional stat point is now worth 50 percent less.
  • Until now, the system prevented you from accumulating more than 106 percent of a stat. At that point, we would have run into what is called a "hard cap." This "hard cap" has now been increased to 126 percent.

We have adjusted the original message with the new relevant information.

Original news from August 21, 2020:
For the time being, WoW Shadowlands puts an end to the linear effect of secondary values, as the developers at Blizzard have dug up the Diminishing Return again and implemented it into the game. Previously, it didn't matter how much of a secondary value you already had, every point was equally valuable (except for some playstyles with special thresholds). A point of versatility increased your damage by the same amount whether it was your first point or you were already at 50 percent. The

more points you have of a secondary value, the weaker all the others become


However, this does not happen continuously, but in gradations. As long as you are below 30 percent speed, crit, mastery or versatility, nothing changes and each point remains equally valuable. Above 30 percent, however, the diminishing return kicks in and you get fewer additional percentages per point - so the value becomes less effective. However, this only applies to the points that are above the threshold.

  • 00% to 30% - no loss of effectiveness
  • 30% to 39% - 10 percent less effective
  • 39% to 47% - 20 percent less effective
  • 47% to 54% - 30 percent less effective
  • 54% to 66% - 40 percent less effective
  • 66% to 126% - 50 percent less effective

So in practice, a secondary value loses more and more value to you the more you have of it. In addition, the system prevents you from accumulating more than 126 percent of a value. The exception, in a way, is mastery. Because there it's all about the championship score, which is capped at 126 percent. The final effect may well exceed this value, as different play styles scale differently here.

In addition, there are other exceptions


  • The Diminishing Return only affects the fixed secondary scores. Additional effects that directly increase speed, crit, mastery or versatility are not affected.
  • Heroism / Battle Frenzy, for example, will continue to give you the full effect no matter how much speed you have already accumulated.

The whole thing has two important effects on the characters. On the one hand, Blizzard wants to ensure that the secondary values do not grow to the sky again towards the end of the upcoming expansion and thus become increasingly difficult to balance.
On the other hand, this is intended to ensure that the choice of secondary values becomes somewhat more balanced again. Because as soon as you reach the diminishing return with one value, it is very likely that you will want to focus on another value.

What do

you think of the adjustments? Do you find the absurdly high stats at the end of Battle for Azeroth ridiculous as well (even though they mainly come from the corruption effects)? Or does it annoy you that you can no longer fully focus on one stat in Shadowlands?

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