• March 30, 2023

The first seasonal affixes in WoW were still rather unpopular and annoying. We remember with horror the little affectionately named "Gehuunis" offspring of G'huun that the afflict -affix brought. The following one, Cupping, was also more or less one thing: very annoying. Over time, however, the developers realized the potential of the seasonal affixes and successively rebuilt them. Especially the use of the so-called kiss/curse system has ensured for quite some time that the affixes are quite popular from level 10. And now the new encrypted affix joins this list. How exactly the affix works, we explain to you in the followingContent1

. Kiss/Curse - the future of affixes2. Encrypted - new affix2.1 The relics2.2 The automa2.3 The decrypted cipher3. You have the free choice

Kiss/Curse - the future of affixes

With Kiss/Curse is meant that an affix has not only a negative, but also a positive effect. For example, while affixes like Tyrannical or Reinforced are simply meant to make your life harder, seasonal affixes now always come with a positive effect as well. So on the one hand Blizzard makes the dungeons harder for us, on the other hand easier again. So far, the developers have managed to strike a good balance between the two sides of the coin. Whether it's Pride or Tormented, the affixes have made the dungeon difficult on the whole, but the jump in the additional affix has been cushioned well by the bonuses. This resulted in a rather even increase in difficulty and avoided a significant difference between levels 9 and 10. Whether the new Scrambled affix can do the same remains to be seen. But since it relies on a similar kiss/curse mechanic, we're optimistic.

Encrypted - new aff


Like all seasonal affixes, Encrypted is used with all keystones starting at level 10. How exactly the whole thing works, we explain to you in the following. You can see the effects of the affix in three separate parts.

The relics

You will encounter the three floating relics in many trash packs and on all bosses. Source: buffed Inside the dungeon we will quickly notice that all bosses and very many trash packs have been enriched by three creatures. The three different floating orbs strongly resemble creatures from Zereth Mortis and have relatively few health points - so they die pretty quickly. All three "mobs" attack you with a different effect.

  • Relic Urh: Inflicts light damage to you periodically with ENERGY BURST.
  • RelicWhere: Increases the movement speed of surrounding enemies by 25 percent.
  • RelicVy: Increases the speed of surrounding enemies by 15%.

You should kill the relics quickly so that the Automa appears. Source: buffed So you should kill the three creatures quite quickly. But the order is very important. Because after the death of the last sphere an add appears. Which one appears depends on which orb you killed first. Blizzard has now changed this in a hotfix. As soon as the first relic has been destroyed, the other two will disappear automatically.

The Automa

Once the relic is destroyed, one of three Automa will appear. You decide which Automa you will face by killing the relics. The relic that was defeated first determines which Automa will appear. These creatures, also known from Zereth Mortis, attack you with different abilities.

  • Urh Disintegrator: Deals increasing damage to the tank with DECONSTRUCTIONS and to players near it with POWER SHATTERS. The latter also stuns players for a short time.
  • Where Driver: Deals damage to all players with EXPLOSION. However, the ability can be interrupted.
  • Vy Interceptor: Deals damage to random targets with SHOT. Also teleports away slightly from time to time and casts a FUSION beam towards players (similar to the Guardian of the First) that you must run out of.

The automa vary in difficulty and provide you with different buffs. Source: buffed Especially the Vy interceptor

is extremely annoying, since it can't be moved by the tank and you not only have to dodge it constantly, but also run after it as a melee fighter. Unfortunately, the Automa don't grant you any percentages for the kill count either. However, they do provide you with a massive buff after they die. And that brings us to the Kiss aspect of the Kiss/Curse affix.

The decrypted cipher

Once you defeat the Automa, and it doesn't matter if the rest of the enemies or bosses are still alive, you will receive a fat buff. This depends on which Automa you fought and defeated.

  • Deciphered Cipher of Urh: For ten seconds, the speed at which your cooldowns end is accelerated by a whopping 200 percent. You also gain ten percent of your maximum mana and health points per second while the buff is in effect.
  • Deciphered Cipher of Wo: You gain 150 percent movement speed for one minute. During the duration, you also take 15 percent less damage and cannot be detected by enemies outside of combat. Thus, you gain a stealth effect.
  • Deciphered Cipher of Vy: You gain 15 percent additional speed rating and summon an energy orb that attacks or heals your target during the duration. Depending on whether it's enemies or allies.

All three buffs are strong and useful. Which one you want depends primarily on your current position in the dungeon. For example, if you want to leave out a nasty group, knock out the Wo-Automa. If it's pure damage, the Vy-Automa is the best choice. The Urh-Automa comes in handy when you're running low on healer mana, or if your cooldowns won't be ready for the next big pull otherwise. Thanks to the healing effect, it can also make sense to use the buff for massive attacks. However, this requires very, very good timing. Unfortunately, the "pleasant" automas are also the ones that tend to give out weaker buffs. Source: buffed

By the way, the respective bonuses can also be active at the same time, as long as you defeat the automa fast enough one after the other or even pull two groups with relics together and fight them at the same time.

You have the free choice

So you may, or rather must, decide before each trashpack or boss in question which orb you will kill first. This way you determine which Automa you have to defeat additionally during the fight and which bonus you get. Unlike the current dungeon master commanders, however, of which there are only four, the relics are quite numerous in the dungeon.

The individual decisions are therefore not quite as serious, but in total they add up to quite a lot. By the way, this freedom of choice can be seen with a laughing and a crying eye. On the one hand, you can adapt the dungeon a bit to your way of playing. On the other hand, however, a "solution" will emerge pretty quickly as to how best to play the automas, and those who don't stick to it in random groups will feel the wrath of the anonymous fellow players.

In addition, since the relics really have very few health points, it can quickly happen that you just accidentally kill the wrong one in the heat of the moment. There again, it's positive that a wrong decision here doesn't immediately mean the potential end of the dungeon. On the whole, Encrypted should go down in Shadowlands history as another successful seasonal affix. By the way, we're not the only ones who think so. The reactions of the top players who have tested the affix up and down on the PTR have also been very positive.

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How do you like the new affix? Have you already been in the mythical dungeons in the new season and tried out the different buffs and automas? Which buff do you prefer in the high-level dungeons? Because we have the impression that you almost always prefer the annoying Vy interceptor.

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