• March 30, 2023

With today's ID change in World of Warcraft on July 28, we'll be allowed to enter the second LFR wing of the new raid instance Sanctum of Domination for the first time and challenge the nasties Soulflayer Dormazain, Remnant of Ner'zhul, and Suffering Forge Raznal.

To be eligible to sign up for the wing via the raid browser, you will need an item level of 195 or higher. In this new wing, you will face the following three bosses:

Soulflayer Dormazain

Soul Shredder Dormazain extracts anima from Torghast's most bestial prisoners to feed the jailer's armies. The tormentor has yet to encounter a soul he could not break, but his latest victim proves extremely resistant to his usual methods. Fueled by this prisoner's endless rage, Dormazain looks forward with relish to the millennia to come that he will spend finding his weaknesses.

  • How to defeat Soulflayer Dormazain - click here for guide

Remnant of Ner'zhul

Ner'zhul, the first Lich King, was supposed to proclaim the dungeon master's rule on Azeroth, but his master ultimately found him unworthy. The last remnants of this fallen orc's disfigured soul were encased in spiked shadow steel to punish him with eternal torment for his failure. Anyone who crosses his path will share in his suffering.

  • How to defeat the remnant of Ner'zhul - click here for the guide

Suffering Blacksmith Raznal

The dark pact Sylvanas made with the Val'kyr sealed their bond to the dungeon master. Over the years, the winged sisters served the Dark Princess faithfully, even if it meant sacrificing themselves for her. Now Sylvanas calls upon her nine Val'kyr to fight for her one last time.

  • How to defeat Suffering Blacksmith Raznal - here you can find the guide

The three bosses' loot has an item level of 213, and Dormazain can drop the Iron Grip pet as well as equipment and media.

The rest of the roadmap for Sanctuary of Domination

Here's how the LFR mode from the Sanctum of Domination continues over the next few weeks:

  • August 11 - 3rd Wing of the Raid Browser (Guardian of the First, Fate Scribe Roh-Kalo, Kel'Thuzad)
  • August 25 - 4th wing of the raid browser (Sylvanas Windrunner)
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