• March 30, 2023

The PTR of WoW Patch 9.2 is slowly coming to an end. The new systems are mostly implemented and can be tested for quite some time now. Also the design of the tier sets and the tests of the raid bosses are more or less finished.

Now you might think it's about time Blizzard announced a release for the live servers. Or else, they'll just cut out content again.

Because that's exactly what they've done with the latest PTR build. The developers have unceremoniously removed the campaign finale. Previously, the upcoming campaign consisted of eight chapters and ended with "Epilog: Judgment". This last chapter is the only part of the campaign that has not yet been tested on the PTR. Obviously, Blizzard did not want to reveal the grand finale of the story (and probably the fate of Sylvanas).

Final chapter of the campaign removed

Not wanting to reveal the end yet is quite understandable. But now the developers have completely removed that very final chapter. The campaign of Patch 9.2, Secrets of the First, now includes only seven chapters. The epilogue has disappeared.

BeforeFullscreen SliderAfterWhy

this is the case can only be speculated. One guess is that the developers want to save this epilogue, which is probably not directly related to our victory over the dungeon master, for one of the upcoming patches and then use it as a starting point for the following expansion.

Another speculation would be that there is still some content missing for the finale, for example cinematics or the like, but the developers don't want to wait for their completion for the release of 9.2.
Or, they just decided that the chapter is superfluous, who knows.

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At the moment, we can only speculate about the content of the removed chapter as well.

However, given some animations of Tyrande Wisperwind and Sylvanas Windrunner

found in the data, it's very likely that it's about the two of them.

Because even if Sylvanas ultimately helps us defeat the Dungeon Master, there's still the torching of the World Tree of Teldrassil, which is what started Tyrande's vendetta against Sylvanas in the first place. So it's likely that some final judgment (consider the English title of the chapter "Epilogue: Judgment") will follow here.

Much like Garrosh's escape, which didn't come into play with MoP's final content patch, a possible escape or end of Sylvanas could kick off Patch 10.0 and the story after Shadowlands - but that's pure speculation.
What do you think it means that the developers are suddenly removing the final chapter of the upcoming campaign?

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