• March 30, 2023


In the game World of Warcraft is now available "mount", which won in last year's community vote. Wandering Ancient, as it is called, can be picked up by all people who own the Shadowlands expansion on their accounts.

Mount Wandering Ancient is now available in World of Warcraft.
It can be picked up for free by anyone who owns the Shadowlands expansion.
The appearance of Wandering Ancient in World of Warcraft was decided by a community vote.
Last September, Blizzard gave the World of Warcraft community the opportunity to decide what free "mount" would appear in the title as part of the Shadowlands expansion. The choices included the flying book Soaring Spelltome, the spider-like Nerubian Swarmer, the caterpillar-like Curious Caterpillar, the gelatinous Gooey Slimesaber, and the giant tree Wandering Ancient. At the recent BlizzConline event, we learned that with a clear majority of votes, the latter won. Now, nearly three weeks later, it can be picked up in-game. It debuted alongside patch 9.0.5.

To be able to receive your Wandering Ancient, you first need the Shadowlands expansion. Once you've met this condition, all you have to do is go to the Mounts tab, which is located in the Collections window inside the game. Your new "mount" will be present as a gift at the very top. Press the Unwrap button to assign it to your account. And that's it, you're ready to travel the world of Azeroth on a giant tree.

Note: There are two things to keep in mind. Firstly, if you've done everything as described above and you can't find your mount anywhere, don't panic. It may take a few days for Blizzard to release the gift to everyone who is interested. Secondly, the Wandering Ancient cannot be activated and used in World of Warcraft Classic (via Blizzard Watch).

Belonging to the Ancient race well known to all Warcraft fans, the Wandering Ancient was designed by Jon McConnell, an artist working for Blizzard (via Wowpedia). To a large extent, the model of the new "mount" was based on the Ancient Protectors that were already present in WoW before. At this point, it is one of the biggest mounts in the game. He is dubbed by Glenn Stafford, who usually composes music for the Irvine team. An interesting fact may be that Wandering Ancient changes its appearance depending on the season. You can see it in the tweet below (via Game Rant).